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These Terms and Conditions are an Agreement. This Agreement constitutes a legal agreement between you (“YOU”) or (“THE CUSTOMER “) and MOBILE AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIANS LLC (a Limited Liability Company formed in the state of Pennsylvania, hereinafter referred to as “Mobile Automotive Technicians LLC”, “us”, “we” or “the technician”) . If you do not agree to any part of The Terms and Conditions you may not use the services provided. Use of the services provided by Mobile Automotive Technicians LLS constitutes your agreement to be bound  by this Agreement. 

By agreeing to The Terms And Conditions you agree to defend and hold harmless Mobile Automotive Technicians LLC and it’s Members against any and all claims, liabilities, or expenses. YOU AGREE NOT TO HOLD Mobile Automotive Technicians LLC (OR, AFFILIATES, PARTNERS, MEMBERS, MANAGERS OR EMPLOYEES (COLLECTIVELY, "MEMBERS") LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES, EXPENSES, LOSSES, SUITS, AND/OR CLAIMS THAT HAVE ARISEN OR MAY ARISE, WHETHER KNOWN OR UNKNOWN, RELATING TO ANY SERVICES. 

1) Mobile Automotive Technicians LLC does not diagnose, repair, or service vehicles for anyone under the age of 18

2) By agreeing to The Terms and Conditions, you hereby certify that you are the actual owner or lessee of the vehicle being diagnosed, serviced, or repaired or that you are authorized to act on the owners behalf.  

3) Customer and Vehicle info- A valid ID and proof of vehicle registration is required before any work is performed. You herby certify that all information provided to Mobile Automotive Technician’s is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. In order to obtain correct parts and accurate up-to-date service information, we may need to collect information about your vehicle. By agreeing to The Terms and Conditions you give Mobile  Automotive Technician’s LLC permission to collect Information on your vehicle such as Year, Make, Model, Engine size, Trim package, and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The technician may also take photos of your vehicle to document worn components or parts, or for the purpose of advertising. By providing a phone number or Email you consent to communication regarding your vehicle. Mobile Automotive Technicians LLC respects your privacy and security and at no point will your information be provided to a 3rd party. 

4) All work performed by Mobile Automotive Technician’s LLC is done so with safety in mind. It is your responsibility as the customer to ensure your vehicle is parked on a flat and solid surface before the technician arrives. If the technician finds that the vehicle is parked in a manner that would prevent a safe repair, your appointment may be canceled. You may still be subject to a “call out fee” if a cancellation is made by a technician due to unsafe working environment. (See “call out fee” paragraph 10)

5) Mobile Automotive Technicians LLC reserves the right to reschedule appointments due to weather conditions 

6) The services provided by Mobile Automotive Technicians LLC happen on-site. By agreeing to The Terms and Conditions, you certify that permission has been granted for the outlined work to be performed at the address provided.

7) During normal diagnostic/repair procedures that require the removal or disassembly of components, parts can break. Plastic and rubber parts are known to become weak over time. This can worsen in colder conditions when plastic becomes especially brittle. This can result in additional parts being required to complete the repair. Mobile Automotive Technician’s will not be held responsible in such event. 

8) Parts- Mobile Automotive Technician’s LLC works with several vendors and parts distributors to source parts. However, parts are subject to availability. If you are using your own parts please notify us at the time of booking. If you would like your old parts returned after repairs have been made to your vehicle, you must notify us before repairs are made. Please note that this may result in core charges for components such as, but not limited to: batteries, starters, alternators, A/C compressors, and radios. Use of your own parts voids any and all warranty. Large orders or orders containing electrical components that are vin specific or programmable in any way may require a deposit. 

9) Limited warranty- Mobile Automotive Technician’s LLC offers a limited 12 month/12000 mile warranty (whichever happens first) on parts where applicable and supported by our vendors. Wear items such as brake parts are excluded. There is absolutely no warranty of any kind on customer supplied parts. 

10) Payment Terms- Our hourly labor rate for repairs is $100 per hour. A “Call out fee” is due upon arrival. This $50 fee includes 30 minutes of preliminary diagnostic time. After 30 minutes, Mobile Automotive Technician’s LLC will provide an estimate for repairs or discuss further diagnostic tests that may need to be performed to accurately diagnose or repair your vehicle. Mobile Automotive Technician’s LLC may reduce or waive the “call out fee” for commercial/fleet customers or if a  technician is working in your immediate area.  All payments are due IN FULL immediately following the repair unless otherwise discussed ahead of time. Failure to pay in full immediately following the repair process will result in additional charges and adverse legal action. 

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